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September 2004

A quick trip across lake e

On June 2004 Anders and I packed up a HUGE Uhaul trailer with all our belongings and our car loaded with 4 cats and a dog. (Anders had one dog in the truck too) It had always been a dream of ours to live on a lake and finally our dream had come true. We purchased a beautiful home on Lake Erie shores close enough to the Hydro Plant that when in port in good weather Anders could come home for awhile. 


Our view from the house
Our view from the house

October now.

     Seeing as though the moving and unpacking took a lot of our time and then I needed to get all our "critters" settled, there just didn't seem to be enough time to get out on the ship for a trip with Anders. I figured I'd go out the week of my birthday but then my daughter surprised me by telling me that she was going to drive out to visit !! Yahoo!!! Course the schedule had the ship arriving back in time that I could of gone and got back in time to see her but............I know ship schedules very well now...so figured I better not risk it. As I write this I've already changed the ETA on the calendar 6 times...( No its not Anders fault ever....:o) most of this was weather related seeing as though the Gales of November have already started and it's only October.

Well Anders has been making a few runs from Nanticoke to Ashtabula and back so I hitched a ride with him one weekend. :o) I was to meet him at 4am...oops now 6am.....well no...I finally met the ship at 9am saturday morning. I went down to the plant and Anders got a ride out to meet me at the gate  then one of the nice security guards gave us a ride back to the ship. Anders had a lot of paperwork to do while the ship was unloading so I just relaxed and visited with him while he was working.  

   Once the ship was unloaded we headed up the wheelhouse for Anders to take her out and onto the lake. Then headed back down to his quarters as he had more paperwork to do. SO MUCH!

I sat in his office chair and played cards! 

    When we got to Ashtabula a tanker came in right next to us amazing how close they get!  I find it so fascinating watching all the different ways they get the cargo on and off the ships at each port.  This one had covered belts to keep the cargo dry and they had two of them running so it wouldn't take long to unload. I think 8 hours.

The pile made at the end of the belts was HUGE and HUGE front end loaders would drive on it!  Anders still had paperwork, he has to fill out customs papers every trip across since they were going from Canada to USA and back.

Course then they are always writing in the log book here it would be when they started loading and when it stopped.

Pretty busy port and I enjoyed staying in the wheelhouse most of the day watching all the pleasure boats going in and out. 

When we got back onto the Lake we watched a beautiful sunset its amazing out here.

Basically not much of a story to write since it was an over and back kinda thing. 

We did luck out ( well I lucked out ) there was a delay when we got there so I got t stay a little bit longer which was fine with me! The trip across the lake is pretty quick when we got back to Nanticoke we went to bed and got 

up at 5:30 Monday morning I went home and Anders took the ship across the lake yet again but this time to go to Lambton then up to Superior. Now I am waiting for Anders to come back again a few times.. Sorry Tricia!!