My name is Donna Rasmussen, I am married to a Great Lakes Ship Captain. This site was started back when I first met him in 2001 . I have written many stories about trips I made with him on his ship the MV Algolake. It is now 2016 and yes we are still HAPPILY married but I haven't been sailing in years since moving back to Vermont. My Husband is "offically" Retired but still sailing word on the street is he is on his last trip this month though saiing the MV Kaministqua . I do LOVE re-reading these stories and seeing the photos as the lakes are amazing and I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend out there . Also seeing what Anders does on the ship, and to be there and witness the weather and the beauty! I welcome you to join me as I travel with him across the Great Lakes.

Come join me!




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